Huther Advertising on how to be creative

25 Mar

John Huther at Huther Advertising has been in business for over twenty years.  At Huther Advertising, John Huther works with businesses to create that unique look which makes them stand out.  As technology changes, so do the challenges that Huther Advertising faces and John Huther has found it is something you must always stay on top of.  From working in Illustrator to create a logo to using Flash to create a dramatic animation for a website, Huther Advertising creates a unique look for each client.  The web has changed so much and I cannot imagine where the graphic arts will be in twenty years.  Here at Huther Advertising, I not only try to stay on top of technology but also I want to stay on the unique side in creating images for clients that make them distinct.  I remember my grandmother would say about me that  I would always come up with ideas so quickly in my drawings.  In some ways one would think that is good, since creative thoughts usually are so hard to come up with.  I’ll have ideas come to me in many ways.  Sometimes I’m asleep and solutions presents itself in my dreams. Sometimes a thought comes right out as a customer is talking to me.  I’ve always taken this “gift” for granted.  In not knowing that this is not a common trait for other people, I soon learned from employers how much they love my creative sense.  When I began Huther Advertising over twenty years ago and I started working for clients, they too would get energized by my ideas.  Good or bad, and I have to admit, a lot are not the best, but it is when you come up with that gem of an idea that no one else came up with, that is when I’m most excited.  I guess there is no real clear solution to being creative.  I always say you just can’t open it up like a can of soup.   Logo design is so challenging and you have to be in the right frame of mind.  At Huther Advertising I usually try to allow four weeks to develop some comps for customers.  You would think that is a lot of work on a computer but most of that is just thinking on it.  Sitting at a stop light and then seeing something happening at the park may trigger a thought that I relate to the customer which in turn then gives me an idea for their logo.  I love this process and always look forward to the challenge.  I think for a designer it is the ultimate because you want to have that perfect image for that business.


One Response to “Huther Advertising on how to be creative”

  1. jim mcneil April 13, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    huther is very creative. I knew him back in school. he is very talented.

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